Brand: Frank Wilder

Season: "Strange Wilderness," "My Beautiful Myth," & "ICONS" Collections

Key Pieces: Tupac, Notorious, Basquiat and DeadTut necklaces, Shark Jaw and Lion rings

Editor’s Notes: Born in the mountains of the Swiss Alps, artist and jewelry designer Frank Wilder unveils a series of rings and necklaces that is a reflection of certain experiences. The first drop emphasizes the time he spent from the Canadian Rockies to the African Jungle, which is highlighted by various wildlife. The second range is an exploration of ancient Rome to places like the Louvre, and it reflects the lessons passed on by Rome's great legends, as well as old mythological tales. Finally, the "Icons" lineup is created as a tribute to some of the greatest artists and figures we know in pop culture today.

Each crafted out of sterling silver, prices range from $300 to $750 and can be purchased directly at Frank Wilder's website.

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