Freitag, best known for up-cycling truck tarps for reuse on bags and accessories, is slightly changing course. For the first time, the Zurich-based company has developed a new in-house textile that solves a variety of problems for Freitag while remaining environmentally conscious. Called Freitag F-ABRIC, the textile is produced from 100% compostable European bast fibers that are durable enough to be used their employees' workwear. Some five years in the making, F-ABRIC is unique in its biodegradable properties: As Freitag tells us, once discarded, F-ABRIC "becomes fertile soil for new raw materials and the cycle continues."

Testing the consumer market, Freitag has released a new collection of men's and women's workwear, including the E550 workwear Plant-Pant, longsleeve and short sleeve shirting alongside satchel bags to showcase F-ABRIC. The new collection is available starting today through Freitag flagship stores globally. Experience F-ABRIC yourself below.

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