Swiss bag company FREITAG is set to release the ZIPPELIN -- their first ever intercontinental, inflatable travel bag.

ZIPPELIN was inspired by the popularity of folding bicycles, and to keep it lightweight and versatile, the team left out a frame and replaced it with a standard 28-inch bicycle inner tube. The result is a convenient bag that’s spacious when you need it, and compact when you don’t. Each ZIPPELIN is created from recycled water-repellent truck tarps in Zurich, making every bag entirely unique.

FREITAG is turning to Kickstarter for the first time in their history to gain insight on the demand for ZIPPELIN. Ever mindful of waste, crowdfunding will allow the recycling pioneers to gauge interest in their latest project before using up the raw materials.

In exchange for pledges, backers can receive their own ZIPPELIN bags in time for next year's travels. 100 early birds will be available for about $455 USD (27% off the future retail price of $623 USD) with delivery scheduled for April 2018.

The 30-day Kickstarter campaign runs through October 12, 2017.

In other news, BEAMS & The North Face collab on a cozy winter capsule.

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