From the Ground Up, our in depth sneaker show, is back with another episode diving into all things footwear. Last week, we explored the history of sneaker collabs, but this week, we’re delving into the influence of athletes on sneaker culture.

To kick things off, sneaker connoisseur Russ Bengtson gives an extensive look into at how athletes have driven the history and industry development of sneakers. From the Air Jordan phenomena in the '80s to the abundant of signature shoes Nike, adidas and other brands create today.

Host Pete Forestor sits down with Youtube creator Foamer Simpson and Noah Neiman from Rumble Boxing to discuss the first signature athlete sneaker they've purchased, and to share how they think the role of the athlete has evolved overtime.

To give an athletes perspective, NFL star Victor Cruz share his thoughts on a sports stars influence and his design process and inspiration for his own signature shoe. We also take a stroll through Stadium Goods for a look at the most iconic signature athlete sneakers.

For the full discussion on superstar athletes changing sneaker culture, press play above.

Also, watch our previous episode of ‘From the Ground Up’ as we explore sneaker collaborations.

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