During the late ’90s, Furbies took over the toy market by storm, moving over 40 million units in a three-year span. Now, the owl-like creatures are considered a collector’s item, but one pioneering Furby enthusiast has envisioned something a bit more for the figures.

Here, we get a look at 44 Furbies coming together to make up the fully-functioning Furby Organ. As YouTube user LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER jokingly points out, the toys have been modified using a “fully patent void formant Furby fusion synthesis brain modification surgery procedure,” thus allowing them to sing.

The Furbies are also subject to multiple effects, as you can press play above to see them in action via the Furby Organ.

In other design news, Supreme just unveiled a logo-heavy Stern pinball machine.

Not NYC, not LA.

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