From exceptional eyewear to midcentury furniture, Osaka-born Mikio Hasui is a man of good taste; the subject of this set of unseen, exclusive images from our friends at Freunde von Freunden. A self-taught photographer, the artist balances a successful commercial career with personal projects revolving around the natural world, "the reason I shoot nature is, when you go into the woods it’s refreshing to everyone. It’s programmed in our DNA to love nature and to protect nature." Taking his passion to its logical conclusion, Hasui set-up home and studio in the Nagano woodland, building an incredible geometric cabin among the trees. Furnished with classic '50s and '60s pieces, this is the space where Hasui kicks back with a coffee and a cigarette as laid-back jazz streams through his oversized Altec Lansing speakers. Because that's just the kind of guy he is.

Turning 60 this year has placed him in reflective mood. In Japanese culture, the landmark birthday marks a rebirth of sorts, a chance to start over. Considering a move to New York and a new direction he states "I’m thinking of hitting the reset button on my life. Not to say I’ll stop being an artist or a photographer...but it’s almost like turning something monochrome into color." Catch the full interview and more images over at Freunde von Freunden.

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