At an estimate of $10 million USD an episode, Game of Thrones is one of the most expensive series ever made, but that doesn't stop the show's costume designer from getting a little DIY with some of the characters' clothes.

At an event at the Getty Museum, head costume designer Michele Clapton talked the audience through her inspiration, giving us some serious early Halloween inspiration in the process.

When she started discussing the Night’s Watch outfits, Clapton confessed “these capes are actually IKEA rugs.”

Of course, they weren't taken straight off the shelf.  Clapton and her large team of costume designers cut, shaved and dyed the rugs before adding leather straps and breaking them down to look worn-in and medieval.

“I want the audience to almost smell the costumes," she explained. "Here they were waxed and frosted so they belonged to the landscape."

In other news, here’s how Twitter reacted to last night’s epic Game of Thrones battle.

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