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Warning: this article contains spoilers from Game of Thrones season eight, episode five.

HBO has just released teaser images from the final ever episode of Game of Thrones, ominously titled “Game of Thrones.”

The images keep things cryptic but capture the general atmosphere following the destruction wrought in last week’s episode, “The Bells,” during which Daenerys Targaryen burnt King’s Landing and most of its people into the ground.

The first image shows Daenerys looking out over the wreckage, with the steps leading to what was once the Red Keep lined by her army of Unsullied. With the once-Breaker of Chains having gone full Mad Queen, in the other image Tyrion Lannister seems to realize his grave mistake of supporting her claim to the Iron Throne. The question “What have I done?” is plastered all over his face.

After you check out the promo images from the Game of Thrones finale above, watch the trailer for Sunday’s big showdown below.

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