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Warning: Major spoilers below for Game of Thrones Season 8, episode 4.

After last week’s dramatic “Battle of Winterfell,” fans weren’t sure what to expect from this week’s episode. The turbulent 80-minute-long “The Last of the Starks” tried to stitch together a number of timelines, beginning with a funeral for the dead from the Battle of Winterfell. Elsewhere, Gendry and Bronn got promotions, Jaimie showed a little self-awareness and Aegon “Jon Snow” Targaryen demonstrated some actual leadership skills.

Overall though, the episode didn’t go well for the show’s female characters;  Dany went down the hackneyed “mad queen” route, Brienne was reduced to a weepy mess on account of boy drama, and Cersei took out Missandei. Thankfully the internet didn’t take long to find humor in the messy installment.

Take a look at some of the best memes and reactions below.

Jon probably regrets telling Sansa about his parentage.

But she probably would look better on the throne.

Meanwhile, things got a little awkward between Arya and Gendry.

Brienne got in her feelings about Jaimie.

Cercsei was not playing around.

But neither was Missandei.

And we said goodbye to Jorah.

So now the mad queen is awakened

Things could have been so different.

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