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Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have created a Game of Thrones playlist on Spotify for the final season of the show, and apparently it contains a hint about how the show’s big finale goes down.

Game of Thrones: The End Is Coming consists of 50 songs, mostly rock and metal, but with a few others like Kanye West’s “POWER” thrown in. Of the playlist, the showrunners said, “The answer to the ending is 100 percent hidden in the playlist choices. No one will believe us, but it’s true.”

Despite teasing us with that little tidbit, Benioff and Weiss claim that wasn’t their primary goal. “We were looking for songs that made us feel the way the show made us feel,” he explained.

Listen to the playlist below.

This isn’t the first playlist the pair have created on Spotify. Back in 2017, they curated the Game of Thrones: Songs of Ice and Fire playlist, which has some overlap with the new one. But if we assume the pair knew the ending of the show two years ago, maybe the clues were there all along.

Game of Thrones season eight starts this Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO.

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