HBO and Game of Thrones have partnered with seven reputable streetwear brands for a celebratory "Rep the Realm" collection, inspired by the ever-popular television series. These particular participants were ultimately chosen because of their die-hard GoT fandom.

Collaborators then include Carrots, Billionaire Boys Club, ALIFE, Dee & Ricky, 40s & Shorties, Koio, and V/SUAL, as each imprint has in turn designed thematic product for the project. Below we in turn highlight the initial crop of "Rep the Realm" goods from ALIFE, V/SUAL, Carrots, and Dee & Ricky.

See underneath to learn more about each.


ALIFE's "Rep the Realm" delivery consists of a limited edition hooded fleece sweatshirt and a Game of Thrones button set.

Game of Thrones is by far the most epic television series of my lifetime,” said Treis Hill, Managing Partner, ALIFE. “The writing, the production, the acting, everything the show does is inspiring. It makes me want to execute at a higher level. When we were approached with the opportunity to work with HBO and Game of Thrones, we didn’t hesitate. In 15 years I’ll be able to re-watch the series with my now two-year-old son. I wanted to create a design that could represent the longevity of the show; an item that can be worn 15 years from now and mean the same to Game of Thrones fans today as it will to the fans yet to experience the phenomenal series.”


For their "Rep the Realm" contribution, V/SUAL presents five limited edition skate decks, laser-etched to depict the Seven Kingdoms of Game of Thrones' Westeros.

"Being a fan of skateboards being able to be hung as art as well as Game of Thrones I wanted to create a piece that mixed both together in an honest way,” said Stephen Vanasco, Founder, V/SUAL. I have always been a fan of multiple boards creating a unique art piece. The map showcasing the lands in Game of Thrones I feel is just as recognizable as the lead characters. Being able to showcase this in a way that is honest to both the show and V/SUAL was important and I think we did just that.”


Carrots’ micro collection includes a limited edition T-shirt and short set, welcoming Khaleesi’s first steps into Westeros.

“Working alongside HBO is such a dream come true!” said Anwar Carrots, Founder, Carrots. “To go from watching Game of Thrones on TV with my wife, to the two of us creating this T-shirt and shorts set of our favorite character has been a surreal experience.”

Dee & Ricky

Dee & Ricky’s "Rep the Realm" assortment consists of a limited edition pack of seven pixelated pins highlighting key Game of Thrones characters: Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Hodor with Bran, Drogon, Littlefinger, Cersei Lannister and Arya Stark with Needle.

“As a design duo, we found Game of Thrones as an inspiration to our daily lives in NY for battling our way through the city and trying to conquer the top. So when we were contacted to do something with Rep the Realm,” said Ricky, Co-Founder, Dee & Ricky. “We knew where we wanted to go with project and our execution. Thus...many characters inspired us by their roles.”

Billionaire Boys Club

Billionaire Boys Club present a special limited edition varsity jacket portraying iconic Game of Thrones imagery.

"When we were offered to participate on a project with Game of Thrones, we immediately went to our roots and contacted Sk8thg in Japan to come up with a special varsity jacket design,” said Greg Locsin, Creative Assistant, Billionaire Boys Club. “He came back with a few options, but it was clear that the various family crests, which stood out to us the most, were the best direction for the jacket. What better way to 'Rep the Realm' than with a classic varsity, plastered with patches and embroideries?”

40s & Shorties

For their contribution, 40s & Shorties unleash a limited edition custom set including a Hawaiian shirt, side pouch and bandana, portraying iconic Game of Thrones scenes and imagery.

"As a fan of the show, it's easy to find inspiration from such a crazy series like Game of Thrones,” said Adem Niazi, Co-Founder and Designer, 40s & Shorties. “The complexity of the storylines paired with the quality of writing makes it easy to pull ideas for a collaboration. So, when we were approached by HBO to put together some special product, we immediately thought of a capsule that worked for us, the show, and the season."


NYC-based footwear designer Koio celebrates Game of Thrones with a limited edition pair of handmade leather Capri low-tops dubbed "The Kingslayer" in honor of Jaime Lannister's “Kingslayer” character.

"We're big fans of the show and its unique character development. Jamie Lannister is one of the most complex figures and the one that really embodies the Koio spirit of never giving up. We are inspired by his determination and will throughout the entire show,” said Chris Wichert and Johannes Quodt, Co-Chief Executive Officers, Koio. “Jamie is constantly put in situations where he has to make unpopular decisions and reinvent himself. The most striking example is when he loses his swords-hand and, again, he finds a way to overcome the loss, stands up and fights again. Our shoe is a tribute to his golden hand and a symbol for never giving up.”

Each remaining "Rep the Realm" capsule will be unveiled throughout the GoT season; we'll be updating accordingly. The limited edition goodies will then be awarded to fans via giveaways.

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