A new Game of Thrones-themed pop-up restaurant serving the cuisine of Westeros has opened in Scotland — and it's surely going to make a fortune.

Named Blood & Wine, the restaurant is decked out in swords, shields, and suits of armor to nail that medieval ambiance before you've even had chance to try the food. The menu promises “only the finest that the Seven Kingdoms have to offer,” serving Frey pies, Sansa’s lemon cakes, and, for those who are feeling a little more barbaric, a cut of pork carved from a whole pig leg.

Blood & Wine’s signature beverage is “made with sweet cherries from Dorne, rich spiced wine from the Arbor, and Wolfburn Whisky from the far reaches of the North,” and others include Myrish fire wine (a spicy concoction of white wine, dragon pepper, tomato, and chilli), black tar rum, Arbor gold wine, and Dornish sour red wine.

Linden Wilkinson, co-founder of The Pop Up Geeks (the company behind the venture,) told BuzzFeed: “We really do love Game of Thrones, and wanted to attract genuine fans like ourselves. We spent a lot of time on research, sourced the swords and armor from The Knight’s Vault and our bone mugs are made by Abbeyhorn, the official suppliers to the TV series.”

Check out some pics from the restaurant below.

Meanwhile, yesterday we learned that a Game of Thrones spin-off is a real possibility.

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