game of thrones script graph

Anyone left disappointed by the final season of Game of Thrones has just been handed a gift to back-up their argument against naysayers: OpenSubtitles has released a set of data that illustrates how the show’s writing deteriorated over eight seasons — in terms of word quantity at least.

The graph below, posted on Twitter by Vanity Fair’s Joanna Robinson, shows how the rate of words per minute declined throughout the show’s run. In season one, there was a high of 70 words per minute, but by one point in season eight, epic battle episode “The Long Night,” that number dropped to as little as 10 words per minute.

The trend line of the graph shows how the show went from an average 60 words per minute in the first season to under 40 words per minute by the final season.

Of course, how much characters speak isn’t always indicative of a show’s quality. It does, however, help shed a little light on how much narrative complexity is getting addressed on air, particularly in a story as rich and convoluted as Game of Thrones.

While major battle scenes such as the one in “The Long Night” help account for dips in dialogue, scenes in which strategies are plotted and characters developed through dialogue, prominent in the show’s earlier seasons, were later exchanged for fights and dragon flights.

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