sophie turner game of thrones halloween spoiler

Warning: mild spoilers for Game of Thrones‘ season eight premiere ahead.

Joe Jonas grabbed our attention last Halloween when he posted pictures of himself in a Game of Thrones-themed costume, dressing up as fiancée Sophie Turner, aka Sansa Stark, Lady of Winterfell. However, while we were all cooing over the cute tribute, we had no idea Turner was hiding a season eight spoiler of sorts in plain sight.

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If you scroll right to the second, clearer shot in the Instagram post above, you’ll see Jonas on the left, dressed as Lady Stark, and Turner on the right, dressed as an elephant. If you saw the season eight premiere on Sunday night, you’ll realize they were actually sporting something of a coordinated couples costume.

Turner’s costume can be read as a reference to Cersei Lannister’s repeated whingeing in Sunday’s “Winterfell” episode after Euron Greyjoy shows up at King’s Landing with a massive army, 2,000 horses, but no elephants as Cersei had hoped.

Cersei petulantly spouting “I wanted those elephants” is one of the sillier quotes from the episode, inviting trolling, which Turner appears to have done as early as October 2018. The line had fans divided, as you can see from the roundup of tweets below.

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