In teaming up with Garage Italia Customs, BMW has unveiled two striking new versions of its i3 and i8 models with a design concept dubbed "CrossFade".

Working with geometric shapes for a gradient effect, this unconventional look was based on pop art's optical color mixing theory; meaning the design plays with how our minds have a tendency to blend adjacent colors to give us the impression of a gradient.

On the BMW i8, the CrossFade design sees itself gracing the car horizontally through a series of triangles. The same design can also be found on the Alcantara upholstery of the center console, door panels, the whole headliner and also parts of the interior. On the other hand, the BMW i3's CrossFade design features vertical detailing, where a series of round shapes were used to create the effect. Similar to the i8, the design carries over to the interior of the car through high-end textiles and Alcantara surfaces.

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