Computers have changed over the last few decades, most of our daily tasks we can even manage with our smartphones and/or tablet computers. Yet the input devices that we use, the keyboard and the mouse, have largely remained the same. Gest wants to change that and introduces its new system of gesture controls to our favorite devices.

Gest lets you work with your hands in a more intuitive way. You can switch between apps just by twitching your finger, point at your screen to move the mouse around, twist your palm to adjust sliders in Photoshop, rotate a 3D object by literally grabbing it and rotating your hand. Furthermore the device is versatile, allowing you the program custom gestures into actions on your personal devices.

We all know that the keyboard and the mouse will not be around forever. Especially with the strong push into 3D and virtual reality, we will need new input devices. As such Gest and others in this space are definitely heading in the right direction. Now we just have to see who wins the race in the space. You can support Gest on Kickstarter here.

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