New statistics from music app DICE show that going to a gig could be as good for you as a cardio workout at the gym. The music ticketing and discovery app distributed Fitbit fitness trackers to gig-goers to track their average steps and heart rates during the performances.

Measurements were taken across five major music genres: grime, electronic, pop, R&B and indie. Grime topped the list, with spectators clocking an average of 7,635 steps. That’s nearly three times more than the UK’s adult daily average of 2,000 steps, and the equivalent to running 17 laps around London’s Wembley stadium. Indie, meanwhile, ranked bottom with an average step count of 2,347.

“Any activity that raises your heart rate is good for overall fitness levels. Increasing steps is an excellent way to boost your activity without having a formal exercise programme,” said personal trainer Fiona Morrison. “A sedentary person may only hit on average between 1,000 – 3,000 steps a day, so hitting more than 7,000 in one go is a great way to improve fitness. This is particularly the case for those of us who have entered the working world and have sedentary office based jobs.”

Check out the infographic below for more detailed statistics on each genre.

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  • Photography: Taylor Hill / Getty Images
Words by Daniel Pearson
Life Editor

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