Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Gionee, has created a smartphone with a battery that lasts for days.

The M2017 is constructed from metal-and-leather, measures up at 5.7-inches and is equipped with a gargantuan 7,000mAh battery. It's estimated to last for nearly 32 hours of talk time and 26 hours of nonstop video – which is quite a lot.

It also comes with all of these features:

- A curved quad HD AMOLED screen. - 6GB of RAM, at least 128GB of storage. - A front 8-megapixel camera and two rear cameras (12MP and 13MP) with 2X optical zoom. - A front-facing fingerprint reader.

Set for a January 6 release in China, it'll start at about $1,007 for a 128GB version and rising to roughly $2,446 for a 256GB model. If you don't live in China you probably won't be able to buy it, but at least you can read about it here and check back in case it becomes available for the rest of the world.

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