Brand: Goodhood x Unified Goods

Collection: Soft Wear

Key Pieces: Goodhood and Unified Goods' vintage techwear collection includes a number of standouts, but the best pieces have to be the series of Apple garments, ranging from T-shirts and crewnecks, to caps and beyond.

Release Date: February 28 in-store and March 1 online.

Buy: Goodhood

Editor’s Notes: Goodhood has teamed up with vintage clothing specialists Unified Goods to release a selection of individually-sourced vintage techwear pieces. Referred to as "Soft Wear," the collection encompasses T-shirts, sweats, jackets, accessories and more.

For the project, Goodhood and Unified Goods revert back to the dial-up era, specifically paying homage to Apple, Microsoft and tape decks. As Goodhood points out, the "Soft Wear" release gives off unmistakable '80s dad vibes, pre Airpods and digital streaming.

To celebrate the launch, Goodhood is hosting a special pop-up event in-store tonight from 6:30 to 8:30. Online availability for the "Soft Wear" collection begins tomorrow, March 1, at 11 a.m.

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