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Japanese retailer Good Weaver has a company ethos that revolves around supporting local craftsmen. In fact, this mentality is so ingrained in Good Weaver’s culture that four of the brand’s employees even joined forces to create the popular Shoes Like Pottery label. The unique footwear embodies a belief in traditional manufacturing techniques including vulcanization, and the use of the 2,000-year-old “Kasuri” method.

“Kasuri” is a traditional weaving technique that has, like many other craft methods, been made obsolete by the boom in cheaper and quicker production discoveries. Good Weaver sees the value of this early method, and even prefers it over mere printed fabric. To show its support of history and tradition, the brand stocks labels such as Sols, Doek, Alweather and now, Shoes Like Pottery, all shown above. Take a quick browse through the online shop and you’ll find everything from simple canvas slip-ons to military-inspired rubber rain shoes. You can see Good Weaver’s full stock on its web shop now.

Words by Glenys Johnson