The Google Pixel is set for release tomorrow on October 20, and if the early reviews from tech critics from around the web are to be believed, it really could be the so called "iPhone Killer."

The phone has impressed almost everybody. Its 12.3-megapixel rear camera, battery that lasts all day, unlimited storage for all of your photos and videos, and Google Assistant feature have gone down so well that one Wired writer has called it "the best smartphone on Earth," and revealed that he will convert to it from the iPhone.

Many have expressed criticism of its design. Gizmodo goes all the way to call it "ugly," but, as the saying goes, it's what's on the inside the counts. In that respect, the Pixel has overwhelmingly succeeded in impressing those in the media. Check out a round-up of the reviews below.

The Great


"It offers the look and competence of an iPhone, with a truly great camera and loads of innovative software and services. It changes my answer to the question I hear most often: What phone should you get? You should get a Pixel.

"I’m switching. For real. I’m turning off iMessage, re-buying apps, and warning friends that I probably won’t get their texts for a few days... I’m totally in love with the Pixel. I love this camera, I love Google Assistant, I love that I’ll get to use it with a comfy VR headset, I love that I finally get a version of Android that is both powerful and attractive." Read more.

The Verge

"This is Google's first phone, and for a first effort it is remarkably good. By almost every metric I can think of — speed, power, camera, smart assistant, you name it — it matches or exceeds the best phones available on the market today. And though the design is far from groundbreaking, it’s certainly approachable. The whole package is pretty incredible, and if you're not put off by the premium price, you'll be very happy with this premium phone." Read more.

The Good

The New York Times

"After testing Pixel for five days, I concluded that although the device’s features are underwhelming, this is a good smartphone for Android fans. It does a great job doing what Google designed it to do: Running Android in its purest form, untainted by slipshod third-party apps." Read more.


"After years of experimenting with Nexus devices, Google finally decided it wanted to make a phone of its own. HTC might be assembling the phones, but Google designed and developed the Pixel from end-to-end. In doing so, it crafted a truly great smartphone that sadly looks a little dull. Still, the inclusion of a speedy new Snapdragon 821 chipset and a fantastic camera make the smaller Pixel a device to be reckoned with. Now, if only it were a little cheaper." Read more.

The Wall Street Journal

"Ask yourself: Why do I have an iPhone? Is it because of its software, services and privacy policies? Or is it because it’s a very good phone for things like Google Maps, Gmail, Spotify and Facebook Messenger? If you’ve answered yes to the latter, the Pixel may be for you." Read more.


"The Pixel is a beaut. It runs fast and comes at a time when the largest Android phone-maker, Samsung, is hitting some rough luck. Save for its Lens Blur feature, the Pixel's camera exceeded my high expectations and gives the iPhone a run for its money. Google Assistant feels more natural than other voice search systems, and it's handy for organizing your daily life (if you remember it's there)." Read more.


"The Google Pixel is an excellent flagship phone that's only let down by mediocre battery life and the still-developing Assistant. If you can stomach the price point, the Pixel is a breath of fresh Google air in a world of Android over-complication." Read more.


"The Pixel is Google’s first smartphone that can go toe-to-toe with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy flagship. It’s on equal footing with those phones in most of the areas that really matter, although its lack of water resistance is a setback. Still, Android fans who pick up the Pixel should be pleased, so long as they keep it dry." Read more.

The Bad


"As a rookie OEM, Google has produced a middling piece of hardware with the Pixel phones. The design is a bland iPhone rip-off with a clunky back panel bolted on. The large and empty bezels feel like a downgrade from past devices, and the phones also have a few objective downgrades, like price and speaker quality. In terms of price vs. performance, the Huawei Nexus 6P feels like something that was designed and built by an experienced, well-oiled machine, while the Pixel really does feel like a new company's first attempt at hardware." Read more.

The Ugly


"The Pixel is an ugly phone. The design is a little fatter than last year’s Nexus 6P, and the bezel on the bottom lip of the phone is much bigger. Yuck. There’s also a big slab of glass at the top of the phone’s back that feels sticky and a little uncomfortable to hold. The design is nowhere near as sleek, clean, and easy to use as the iPhone 7. If you’re like me, and have avoided the iPhone all these years, it’s time to give in. The iPhone is definitively better this year." Read more.


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  • Main & Featured Image:Wired

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