Google has filed a proposal with Sunnyvale, California city officials for a new campus that would house roughly 4,500 employees. Located in Moffett Park, the project, referred to as "Caribbean," would call home to more than 1 million square feet of offices spread throughout two buildings.

As The Mercury News points out, the tech company acquired roughly 50 properties valued at more than $1 billion USD throughout 2017.

“Google has made a significant investment in Sunnyvale,” Mark Golan, chief operating officer of Google’s global real estate investments and development unit, revealed when speaking with Mercury News. “Our intent would be to develop that out over time,” Golan added in reference to the undeveloped properties the company has purchased.

One of the current Sunnyvale proposals is for a 505,000-square-foot five-story building, while the other is for a 538,000-square-foot space, both to be located on Caribbean Drive.

“Housing is part of our thought process in Moffett Park,” Golan continued. “A new mixed-use community where you have live-work capabilities, makes a lot of sense. Housing and transportation are two huge issues for the Valley overall, and they are huge issues for Google. One of the best ways to address this is by creating mixed-use communities that allow people to live close to where they work, which allows for a vibrant community and also helps the transportation.”

If all goes accordingly, the campus will be filled with Google employees by 2021 at the earliest.

It's also worthy of note that this isn't the first time Google has partnered with BIG on a project. The two, along with Heatherwick, submitted a proposal for Google's new London campus back in June of 2017.

For more on Google and BIG's Sunnyvale proposal, follow over to The Mercury News.

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