You can now get Gordon Ramsay to critique your cooking on Amazon’s Echo. To activate the new feature, simply say, “Alexa, ask Gordon Ramsay what he thinks about my sandwich (or any food you’ve whipped up),” and the celebrity chef will let you know how he really feels about your cooking skills.

Of course, Ramsay isn’t known for his constructive criticism, so you can probably expect some overly harsh reviews of your food. However, the update has thrown in a few compliments to keep things interesting and also promises “easter eggs” for the holidays.

The feature comes after Amazon’s SuperBowl ad where Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, Anthony Hopkins, and Gordon Ramsay all stepped in to replace Alexa after the assistant “loses her voice.” With Ramsay’s voice now becoming an official option, let’s hope that a Cardi B feature is in the works.

In other tech news, Apple confirms it is “looking into” major iPhone X bug.

  • Main & Featured Image: Mike Macadaan, FOX
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