Season 8 of popular web series Hot Ones will be premiering on January 24, and critically acclaimed British chef/television personality Gordon Ramsay will finally be a featured guest on the show.

According to First We Feast, co-producer of the YouTube series, Gordon Ramsay has been the most-requested guest in Hot Ones history for at least the past three years.

In the brief teaser above, we see Gordon Ramsay's signature antics as he investigates the Hot Ones kitchen and hurl insults on how the chicken wings are made, in addition to dubbing the area as "the worst kitchen in America," a nod to his previous TV series, Kitchen Nightmares.

The clip then sequences to host Sean Evans laying on his bed sleeping, and dreaming if it will be the nightmare scenario that's haunted his dreams, or will Gordon Ramsay play nice? Stay tuned for the premiere on January 24.

Also, in case you missed the last episode of 'Hot Ones,' watch it below featuring Rae Sremmurd playing an intense game of truth or dab.

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