For the first time ever, Gorillaz opened up live in their animated flesh for an interview, for what was dubbed ‘the online event of the century.’ 2-D and Murdoc swung by YouTube’s London studios to be asked fan-submitted questions by Radio 1’s Mistajam for Telekom Electronic Beats. The action-packed conversation starts at the 11:30 mark, check it out in full above.

The pair opened up on everything from their new album Humanz and the massive list of collaborators through to talk of Murdoc’s apparent twerking ability. They also touched on Donald Trump, Chicago music and even had band member Russel Hobbs join them (very briefly) over the phone. In short, it’s definitely worth the watch.

At the end of the interview, a new advert for their magenta-quelled augmented reality app was played out, as well as a preview for their track “Charger” featuring Grace Jones. The interview is just the latest in a series of one of the most innovative album roll outs in musical history, which have featured a tech-oriented "Spirit House" exhibition and the announcement that they'll have their own TV series.

Humanz is out on April 28. Watch the music video for "Saturnz Barz" below.

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