We are drawing ever closer to the release of Humanz, the new album from Gorillaz that is among the most highly-anticipated releases of the year. Aside from a slew of continually excellent tracks that have come our way, co-creator Damon Albarn recently revealed that he is sitting on at least 40 tracks that were created for the record. Now comes a bit of news that is the most insane yet: a Gorillaz TV show is currently in the works.

Creator and lead artist Jamie Hewlett let this information slip in a new interview with Q Magazine, where he went into detail on a huge number of upcoming Gorillaz projects. The show is being envisioned as a ten episode series, and Hewlett is also planning a clothing line and new merchandise. Speaking on this multitude of plans, Hewlett said he is in a place of working on “other things he never imagined when Gorillaz was born.”

Humanz is out on April 28. Watch the video for their new track “Saturnz Barz” below.

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