Three years ago , American comic book artist Ryan Montoya reached out to Goyard with an unusual yet compelling proposal. As a longtime admirer of the French luxury brand's work, he was striving to design a trunk that would perfectly cater to a traveling artist's every need, while retaining a distinct luxurious vibe. Thus, the idea of an “Artist Trunk” was born.

Over the course of the last three years, Montoya had been working on the trunk in close collaboration with Goyard's workshops and design team. Originally conceived as a modified Palace trunk, the final piece ended up as a full-blown customized trunk, with various drawers, multiple compartments, and a drawing board. While the lining retains the traditional Goyard yellow, a bespoke blue Goyardine-lined portfolio houses 11 x 17-inch vellum Bristol artworks - the traditional size of unaltered comic book artwork before it is shrunk down in reproduction.

Just like the rest of the trunk, the color scheme is carefully and consciously chosen to reflect the artist's personal background. The trunk is finished off with a range of premium details, including a golden Goyard tag plate and a silver nameplate with Montoya's name engraved. Of course, this one-of-a-kind piece remains in the artist's possession. However, if you happen to have a similar idea you might want to get in touch with Goyard.

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