Outgoing GQ creative director Jim Moore sat down to share some life lessons from his career with the men's fashion publication in a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal. Having announced that he would be stepping down from his current role to become "creative director at large" after 39 years in the position, Moore flagged up a pivotal moment in which he styled the legendary Michael Jordan.

In 1983, editor Art Cooper made the executive decision to switch GQ's cover stars from models to celebrities in an appeal to make the magazine more relatable. The decision eventually allowed a young Moore to style the six-time MVP in a grey suit for the March 1989 cover – despite not knowing who he was at the time.

“Pretty soon everyone was wearing the M.J. suit. For me the floodgates really opened at that point,” said Moore. “In addition to looking at the scores of the games, men are also looking at how an athlete is dressed.”

Moore then went on to cite Russell Westbrook and the streetwear-obsessed Odell Beckham Jr as contemporary sports influencers on men's fashion.

For more on the interview, head over to The Wall Street Journal.

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