grand theft auto v nightclubs GTA V

Rockstar games is looking to enhance the nightlife scene in Grand Theft Auto V by bringing new nightclubs to Los Santos.

“A perfect cover for all illicit activities, nightclubs can be customized, staffed, and promoted, offering players a brand new business opportunity,” says Rockstar.

The game’s underground dance scene will soon be blowing up, thanks to world class talent including Solomun, Tale Of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna, all of which are taking up residencies throughout the city. You yourself will then have the opportunity to become a business partner and open up a brand new establishment, while helping DJs make their shows the best ever. “The more popular the club, the faster your secure wall safe will fill up,” adds Rockstar.

For now, this is all we have on the upgraded nightlife scene coming to GTA V and Los Santos, so be sure to check back with us for more.

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Not NYC, not LA.