When most people think of graphic designers these days in their mind's eye they probably envisage a bespectacled, flannel-wearing 20-something staring hypnotically into an iMac. But once upon a time the process looked very different, something that the creators of Graphic Means, a documentary exploring graphic design processes from the 1950s to the 1990s, want to highlight.

Pre-digitization, graphic designers had to use scalpels and tracing pads and huge pieces of industrial machinery that look like the sort of things used to make cars, in a process that demanded such precision it'll make your hands sweat just by looking at it.

It's something we take for granted these days, but it's a process that shaped much of the visual world that now surrounds us. The film is in the production process, and you can help its creators make it a reality by pre-ordering a copy.

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