Customizer and apparent Deadhead Mattingly Packman has just revealed an amazing custom T-shirt on Instagram.

Combining some of 2018's biggest graphics, the custom "Dead Bear" shirt features a hand-drawn play on the famous Polo Bear. The bear is wearing a tie-dye Skullman Lithuanian basketball tee, as worn by the Lithuanian Olympic basketball team back in 1992, where they won bronze.

The team needed sponsors, and in a wild turn of events ended up receiving a donation plus some incredible tie-dye outfits from the band The Grateful Dead. The Lithuanians wore these shirts and matching shorts during the medal ceremony, to show how, er, grateful, they were for the support.

Last year, the original shirt came back into the public eye when Jonah Hill was spotted wearing it.

The "Dead Bear" shirt is screen printed on Gildan Hammer blanks, and is available for pre-order today, January 5, at noon Eastern time. There are only 55, so better hurry if you want to cop! Price is $30 plus shipping.

Let us know if you want to get your hands on this unique shirt, or maybe even hunt down the OG Lithuanian tee, down in the comments.

Speaking of DIY and customization, one of our favorite brands Chinatown Market has just release some cheeky Chanel-inspired sunglasses. See them here.

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