greentea peng
Photo courtesy of Greentea Peng

The aesthetic of Greentea Peng‘s latest single, “Downers” falls somewhere between summertime sadness and hot girl summer. The London singer-songwriter describes it as “a tune for us hedonistic youths searching to feel nothing but who actually feel everything.” The slow-burning track hits heavy on the senses like a thick wave of humidity on a warm, balmy day. Once the three and a half minutes are up, you’ll be drenched in feelings.

“A disillusioned confession to self, my London city blues,” she adds. “Instead of getting you to sleep I’m tryna wake ya up.”

So far, Greentea Peng has put out 2018’s Sensi EP. Stream her latest offering ahead of its release in full below.

Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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