"I be burnin' MCs like Betty grandson. Smokin' grey poupon boy." — Busta Rhymes

"Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy, this is pure luxury. I give 'em grey poupon on a DJ Mustard, ah!" — Kanye West

"From futons to Grey Poupons, in church tryna' get a little savings, yeah coupons." — Big Sean

Money, weed, molly, cars, jewelry and big houses. Ask a random person on the street to name some common tropes found in hip-hop lyrics and there's a fair chance they'll come up with one of the aforementioned. One answer you might not expect to hear is "Grey Poupon" — as in the Dijon mustard food condiment — but if you do, then take note, as you've stumbled upon someone who knows their hip-hop roots.

For decades, Grey Poupon has continually worked its way into bars — 118 times, to be exact — and in a new video, Vox attempts to find out the reason behind its enduring popularity. As well as exploring old ad campaigns and empirical data, the video also shines a light on Grey Poupon in the current day — namely its (until now) inexplicable spike in usage post-2007. Also incorporated, of course, is the obligatory clip from the cinematic GOAT that is Wayne's World.

Enlighten yourself by watching the video above, and then check out Kid Cudi's latest video which has also just dropped.

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