Grovemade has partnered with designer Joey Roth for a new set of desktop speakers. As is customary with Grovemade, wood is the material of choice to encase the tech.

Constructed from solid maple and walnut, the speakers feature a horn design and two-inch drivers paired with a 2x25W amplifier.

The wooden shells are designed in-house by Grovemade, machined from a solid piece of hardwood with a hand from Autodesk's Fusion 360 software. From there, the pieces of wood are sanded down to their final shapes and given two coats of oil to seal the wood.

The speakers then feature stainless steel stands that have been covered in leather in order to hide any hardware and provide ample grip for standing.

Retailing for $499 USD (maple) and $599 USD (walnut), you can purchase Grovemade's new wooden speakers today online.

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