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Grown Alchemist first caught our attention with its beautiful branding and packaging. You’re thinking, why should that matter? They’re grooming products not desktop objects or fashion accessories. But it turns out that there’s a good reason why Grown Alchemist focuses so much on presentation.

The brand, hailing from Australia, rejects conventional plastic tubes and low-grade soft plastic bottles, and instead only uses premium non-leeching, lined aluminum tubes and recycled glass bottles that protect the encased ingredients from sunlight and UV rays. Fellow Australian brand Aesop also does this; perhaps packaging for grooming products is actually a good gauge for quality, after all.

The care that Grown Alchemist puts into its packaging also reflects the care with which it produces its skin, body and haircare products. Swearing to only use organic antioxidants, there are no harmful artificial chemicals in any of GA’s goods. In the brand’s own words: “The body recognizes the synergistic molecular structure of [the products’] uniquely natural formulae and utilizes rather than rejects [them].”

We tested out a number of GA’s goods: the Hydra Repair Day Cream, Watermelon and Vanilla Lip Balm, Body Cream, Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Cleanser, and Shaving Cream. They indeed feel organic when used, their scents pleasantly aromatic and calming instead of overpoweringly sweet or pungent like lower-quality, more commercial-grade products.

The creams are heavy at the touch but seep smoothly into the skin, leaving your face and body soft and moisturized instead of oily. The haircare, a category which can be extremely tricky for some (including this writer whose hair tends to frizz and dry out easily), successfully controls frizz and leaves your hair silky. Out of the products we reviewed, however, the two standouts are the Lip Balm and the Facial Cleanser: the lip balm has a scent you wished was perfume (and it also does its job of moisturizing your lips); the facial cleanser, made to have the consistency of gel instead of oil or foam, is gentle on the skin without drying it out or irritating it.

We can say with confidence that Grown Alchemist works. We love all of the products that we tried. And we love even more that they can all be bought together as a kit. Purchase this kit at The Line, and all of Grown Alchemist’s other offerings here.

Words by Elaine YJ Lee