The past 12 months have been strong for Lil Pump, who after announcing plans to quit Xanax in 2018 was recently able to void his Warner Bros. contract due to having originally signed underage/illegally. Now, rumor has it record labels are offering the up-and-comer somewhere between $8-12 million to sign a new deal. This shouldn't come as a surprise, though, seeing as the rapper was able to turn an empty parking lot into his own festival -- and if you need any more evidence that Lil Pump is in the spotlight right now, SNL parodied his "Gucci Gang" single this past weekend.

Now, a YouTuber and live steamer by the name of Graham The Christian has taken the "Gucci Gang" virality to an entirely new level: Saying "Gucci Gang" 1,000,000 times. For some reason, Graham had the brilliant idea to use the term's catchiness as a way to raise money for charity. The reason this even became a thing is because Lil Pump's "Gucci Gang" is commonly mocked for simply repeating the phrase over and over, and over again. So to do it 1,000,000 times is basically trolling. You can watch Graham's last 1,000 "Gucci Gang"s above.

Having grown up in Chicago for a good part of his life, Graham decided to donate all proceeds from his stream to Red Nose Day. You can still donate here. Red Nose Day helps children in poverty--they serve meals, provide essential medical services, help educate and house those who need it. Overall Graham was able to raise over $10,000 through his stream.

Let us know if you make it through the final 1,000 above before tapping out.

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