GUESS Jeans U.S.A. has partnered up with artist and designer Cali Thornhill DeWitt on a two-piece capsule dedicated to the late Anna Nicole Smith.

The "DID YOU MISS ME?" collection comprises a T-shirt and hoodie, with the titular slogan featured in red across the back and a print image of the former GUESS model's 1992 campaign in a striking black and white print on the front.

In addition to the collection, GUESS Jeans U.S.A. also worked with DeWitt on a billboard campaign to further celebrate the model, as part of the artist's solo exhibition, "SAFE WORDS."

“When I started talking to GUESS about working on a project together, my immediate hope was to revisit the queen, Anna Nicole Smith,” says Cali Thornhill DeWitt. “I missed seeing her on billboards, floating above Hollywood, looking out over the city. Having already made an Anna Nicole Smith tee on my own a couple of years ago, it seemed like fate to get the chance to make one with GUESS.”

Available in both black and white, the "DID YOU MISS ME?" capsule is available to shop now. The T-shirt retails for $90 and sweatshirt for $170. For the chance to cop, visit GUESS' online store.

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