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The H-House, built by the design team of Changwook Kwak and Hyunduck Yoo and conceptually created by Sae Min Oh is located in South Korea in the alley of Seongbuk-dong where a community village has formed for a long time. The architect had to design a space where three generations could live together and privately at the same time. He created the second floor as an interspace of the house that generally is divided into three floors, where each family can form a community of family, behave individually and have their own area. A demand of the client was to have a commercial space for rent in the basement floor. Located in the rental space is a beauty spa and shop. This way the house is not only a private residence but is open to anyone who may come to either visit the shop or just get an impression of the unique house in the middle of the traditional village Seongbuk-dong.

Words by Georgia Reeve