Hailey Bieber is known for a lot of things, but it's her campaign with Calvin Klein which has gotten the most press this year — aside from her second wedding to her husband Justin Bieber, of course.

It's their relationship that's praised in Calvin Klein's new #CK50 campaign, an event that not only gathers iconic figures and friends in celebration of the brand's 50th anniversary, but marks Hailey and Justin's first campaign together.

In a sense, the CK50 campaign is all about capturing a rebellious spirit, embracing a mood that has shaped the world-renowned label over the last half-century. In honor of that, we had the opportunity to sit down with Hailey herself to discuss what that actually means to her, and what she loves most about Calvin Klein.

Our conversation didn't just span Calvin's, though. Elsewhere the 23-year-old actress and model talks of her favorite up-and-coming designers, an ambition to launch her own skincare line, and why women need to be there for each other.

Find the highlights below, before more excerpts from our chat with Hailey land in Highsnobiety Magazine, which drops in March 2020.

First off, I'm aware we have an almost-birthday girl in our presence?

It's my Jordan year. I'm turning 23 (today, November 22), and I had this idea where I was going to throw a Jordan party and everyone would have to wear Jordan. But I'm just too tired, I don't want to entertain people. [laughs]

So let's get down to business: what does being in a Calvin Klein campaign mean to you?

I think Calvin Klein as a brand is iconic. Their ads have been iconic, so to join the ranks of the people who have gone before me in these campaigns is an honor and exciting for me. It was an amazing experience and an amazing opportunity. I love working with Calvin and the incredible team.

What's the most-worn piece in your closet? 

I'm definitely a big leather jacket fanatic. I still have yet to find that one perfect leather jacket and I feel like I'm probably just going to end up making it myself.

Really? You think you could do it?

My idea behind creating clothes is I just want to make stuff for myself. I know what I like. I know what fits me well and what I'm looking for when I'm searching for things. I always find pieces where I'm like: "It was almost perfect, except it's one inch too short, or it's one inch too long." I should just make it for myself instead of wasting money.

Are you planning to create your own brand anytime soon?

The goal is to build many brands associated to my name. I have a lot of goals. I'm still young, so there's no rush. I love clothes, it's a big reason why I love being in fashion and why I'm doing this. If I hadn't gotten into modeling, I would have gone to fashion school. Clothes are a huge thing for me, but I'm also big on my skin and beauty.

"Hailey Skin," I can see that happening.

Well I'm not going to copy Kylie Skin but something in that world. But you look at brands like Kylie Skin, she is genius. She genuinely loves what she does and what she creates, and I think that's why she's so successful. You look at Rihanna, she created these products and these brands out of things that she genuinely loves. She's someone whose style I've looked at for years, she's a muse.

What are you thoughts on the fine line between imitation and inspiration?

I never want to copy anybody, but I think everyone gets their ideas from somewhere. I obviously get scared of that, going into a space like designing or creating, because I never want to step on anybodies toes. I always come across Diet Prada on Instagram — I would be so sad if I ever showed up there.

Until we see your own designs, can you tell me which designers you're most excited about right now?

I love Balenciaga, but I really like the cool up-and-coming brands, like Nanushka and Jacquemus.

Tell me about the project that you're most excited for for 2020.

I don't even know that much in advance to be honest, but there's a lot I want to do in terms of charity projects. I would love to get involved in more things that make a difference. In 2019, I was having this internal struggle. I felt like I'm not doing enough or I'm not using enough of my platform or voice to talk to young women, or talk about things that matter.

What would you use your platform for? What matters to you?

I'm really passionate about talking to young women. Women supporting women has become such a big conversation but theres still so much we can do. There's no reason there needs to be this girl against girl drama, and social media makes it way worse. There's no reason why we cant be kind to each other.

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