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It’s not just the celebrities who were busting out great Halloween costumes this year. While, naturally, celebs have a bigger honeypot to dip into than most when it comes to assembling the best spooky ’fits, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the most creative.

Taking that into account, we sifted through Instagram to unearth the best costumes you rocked on 2018’s All Hallows’ Eve. From references to memes to songs, movies, and the death of a certain iconic giraffe, this year’s offering was a good one.

Keep scrolling to find out which costumes we enjoyed most.

Kanye West & Lil Pump’s “I Love It” video

A Bathing Ape

The ghost of childhood’s past a.k.a the death of Toys R Us / Zombie worker

Black Panther‘s Eric Killmonger (played by Michael B. Jordan)

and T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman)

Post Malone & 6ix9ine9

Fortnite‘s Calamity

Cardi B’s “I Like It” video

An Instagram post

Stranger Things gang and an (unimpressed) Cat-ogorgon

Jonah Hill’s streetwear steez

Characters from Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs

God’s Plan

Is this a pigeon?

What did you dress up as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments.

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