If you have red hair but are balding and have a goatee then you have 2 and only 2 options this Halloween: Louis C.K. or Breaking Bad's Walter White. If you've still got some hair left around the sides then we recommend the Boston comedian. However, we won't be providing a guide for Lucky Louie since all you need is a pair of eyes and Google.

Thankfully we've got you covered if you feel like dressing up as Heisenberg. Take a look below for an outfit that's fit for both the office and for cooking and selling meth. A rare combination indeed.

First things first. If you want to look like Mr. White you're going to need a Pork Pie Hat, preferably one from the 1940s. Pick this classic piece up here.

Glasses are the next order of business. How else do you expect to mix dangerous chemicals together and later count your stacks? These Oliver Peoples should do just fine and can be bought here.

No other brand says "I'm a family man that also happens to enjoy cooking and selling meth" quite like Ralph Lauren. Get this button-up straight from their online store.

This classic workwear jacket from Dickies is perfect for almost any activity, especially activities related to drugs. Pick it up from their online store.

These Walt Trousers couldn't be more appropriately named unless they were called Walt Wears These in Breaking Bad Trousers. Get them at Needsupply.

You're going to need to something to hold those pants up while you're running from the cops. Check out this leather belt from Michael Kors here.

In a very subtle form of product placement Jesse gives Walter this exact watch for his 51st birthday. A classy gift indeed for a man of any age with a profession of any kind. Pick up your Tag Heuer here.

A man's got to keep the sweat from piling up in his shoe. Get these Merino wool socks at Mr. Porter.

White's Wallabees get darker and darker as he descends further and further down the rabbit hole. Unless he starts wearing black holes on his feet, these all black leather Clarks Wallabees are about as dark as things can get. Get a pair at Zappos.

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