For those of us that are truly lazy but would still like to dress up for Halloween, Jeff Bridge's character in The Big Lebowski has come to the rescue. His iconic slacker look from a bath robe and sandals to a cardigan and pajama bottoms has saved many a man from missing the festivities of Halloween. Take a look at his Dudeness' complete outfit below to lazily prepare for your night of mischief.

You're going to want to protect those red eyes from the glare of the refrigerator section's fluorescent lights with a pair of classic Vuarnet sunglasses. Get the Dude's choice here.

Any chance you get to expose a little more chest hair should be taken advantage of which is why we recommend this V-Neck from American Apparel.

No trip to Ralph's is complete without a bathrobe and low self-esteem. To really achieve the look make sure to pay for your sad, singular carton of milk with a check in the amount of $0.69. Pick up the robe here.

It's always warm in LA which is why it's always acceptable to wear plaid shorts. Get El Duderino's pair from RVCA.

You can't be the Duder without a pair of raunchy sandals. Once you slap these Okabashi's on your feet you're ready to have your head dipped repeatedly into a toilet.

At some point in the night someone's bound to ask for identification. The Dude only has one form of identification and that's his Ralph's Value Club Card which you can find on ebay.

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