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Hank Azaria, the man who voices Apu Nahasapeemapetilon in The Simpsons, has responded to comedian Hari Kondabolu’s documentary which accused the popular Springfield character of racism.

The documentary explores themes such as South Asian representation, racism, stereotyping, and the accents of South Asian stars such as Aziz Ansari. Hank Azaria was invited to appear on the documentary, but declined the chance to meet Kondabolu and talk about the comedian’s issue with the character he voices.

Now, in an interview with TMZ, Azaria acknowledged the documentary and had some interesting things to say, some of which you can read below:

“I think the documentary made some really interesting points and gave us a lot to think about and we really are thinking about it. Definitely anybody that was hurt or offended by it, or by any character or vocal performance, it’s really upsetting that it was offensive or hurtful to anybody.”

Whether the Apu character will be changed or even written out of the show entirely is not immediately clear, although Azaria continued, “We’re still thinking about it. It’s a lot to digest.”

In other news, the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom teaser trailer has arrived.

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