For those who ever wished to express their distaste for something without fear of social media backlash, Fabien Bouchard's "Hater Box" is perfect.

Created for design company Parse/Error, the "Hater Box" is an ode to good-humored cynicism in the form of a split-flap display device, notably seen on clocks and departure boards.

Beginning with the word "Fuck," the motor inside the wooden box then flicks through 45 words to complete a forceful, yet slightly outlandish statement. Options include "Fuck Instagram," "Fuck Art," "Fuck Less," and "Fuck Gender."

While the switch from lighthearted to serious is very swift, the "Hater Box" brings some joy back into the world of design. Without taking itself too seriously, the "Hater Box" might be a hilarious way to start your day, but if you're not feeling it, then a simple "Fuck That" might suffice.

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