Kenny Hauk of Haük Designs has already cemented his place in the world of off-road vehicles, but with the introduction of his newest creation dubbed the "Rock Rat," Hauk is taking things the way of Fury Road.

Based off of a 1947 Willy's CJ2A body, the "Rock Rat" boasts 700hp and 1,200-lb-ft of torque thanks to an old 12V diesel engine from a school bus. The ride also features B.A.D Beadlock wheels housed by 44" Pit Bull Tires, custom HID Projector headlights with skull logos, a safety glass windshield, a shifter made from a 1960s fire truck pump handle, and elegant audio system embedded in the machine's maple wood interior. With an incredibly unique aesthetic, the "Rock Rat" evokes memories of great chase scenes from 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road and doubles as a steampunk beauty.

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