Aside from being a shoemaking company, Heinrich Dinkelacker could also debatably be called a comeback kid company. In 2005, the brand, whose history dates back to 1879, found itself on the verge of closure. However, three of its most loyal patrons joined forces to take over the company and rescue it from complete collapse. The history-saving trio is comprised of a former IBM manager by the name of Norbert Lehmann, a former Porsche CEO named Wendelin Wiedeking and Anton Hunger, a former Porsche spokesperson.

Today, the brand still manufactures shoes as if it were 1879. This is due largely to the new ownership choosing to continue forgoing the use of automated machinery and mass production in favor of  small-scale operation with bespoke services. A normal day at the Dinkelacker factory means that a team of 40 master shoemakers -- who are based in Budapest -- produce approximately 45 pairs of men’s shoes; all of which require around 300 manual steps to finish. Additionally, Heinrich Dinkelacker uses the most selectively sourced materials with an eye toward durability and longevity in each shoe.

The brand offers three collections: Icons, Master and Business, which are all intended to serve the average man in all aspects of his life. You can shop them at Dover Street Market.

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