Highsnobiety is changing. We’re still producing the same great writing, video, podcasts, and product recommendations in the worlds of fashion, sneakers, music, art, and lifestyle, but we’re getting a new look. Central to that is our new logo, put together by graphic design legend Mirko Borsche of Munich-based design house Bureau Borsche.

Mirko is the man behind recent rebrands at Balenciaga and RIMOWA, as well as numerous projects for Nike, Givenchy, and more. This is Highsnobiety‘s first redesign in over a decade. We’re super stoked about the new look, love the logo Mirko has created, and hope you dig it, too.

“As much as we love our brand identity and the crown, after 10 years, we felt like an update was needed,” says Highsnobiety founder and CEO David Fischer, who has carried the publication from its origins as a humble sneaker and streetwear blog in 2005 to the apex of street culture and luxe lifestyle in digital and print today.

Mirko’s new logo and typefaces symbolize the next stage in our evolution, having become a brand and media outlet that is now among the world’s most visited sources for inspiration in fashion and lifestyle. The last few months have been huge for us, with the release of our collaborations with Mizuno, Diadora, and Umbro. And that’s just the start. We have big plans and want to look the part.

“It was a real pleasure working with Mirko and his team to define a new, more modern and timeless look and feel for Highsnobiety that reflects the past, present, and future of our brand. I love the boldness of the new identity and cannot wait to see it used across content and product in the years to come.”
— David Fischer, Highsnobiety founder and CEO

Formed using a condensed and underlined adaptation of the Univers typeface family, the logo and new branding reflect the sleek boldness that has come to define our field-leading content. The ubiquitous Highsnobiety crown has also been revamped, stripped of the “wax seal” look from its previous iteration and reimagined in a cleaner, more minimal form.

“The line underneath the logo is a hyperlink. It’s a connector. At Highsnobiety, you’re in between brands — you stage a lot of products, you feature a lot of products, you’re doing collaborations. You underline and point out new things. You’re always connecting something. So we needed a connector.”
— Mirko Borsche, Bureau Borsche

Highsnobiety has a fresh new look. ✨

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The Highsnobiety rebranding will take effect online on Wednesday, August 18 and in print for the first time on Highsnobiety Issue 17, coming Fall 2018.

Words by Staff