In the latest installment of Highsnobiety Visits, we take a trip to Studio Kippenberger, the agency responsible for revolutionizing auto videography. Situated in the bustling creative quarter of Kreuzberg, Berlin, the space acts as Studio Kippenberger's home (although that's subject to change depending on the founder's whims) and features everything from a custom Cinelli bike to an elevator for whatever car is currently being driven and documented. Most recently, a Tesla Model S found its way up to the studio, one of the first to make it to Germany in order to be captured and presented in the unique way Studio Kippenberger is known for.

The studio is headed by Christopher Kippenberger and specializes in high-tech engineering and manufacturing as well as supplying infrastructure to clients like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Vimeo. Strategy, content manufacturing, and online publishing have been handled in-house as well to clients such as Intel and Google. For Highsnobiety, Kippenberger created a handful of films featuring the Bentley Mulsanne and Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 among many others.

Take a look into the studio above and enjoy a highlight reel below.

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