In somewhat surprising news, it turns out Hillary Clinton is a big fan of memes. Unlike the rest of us, however, her favorite isn't one of those heart-melting Joe Biden ones, but a picture of a bunch of dogs sat around a table.

Appearing at the Women in the World Summit in New York City on Thursday, Clinton revealed that her favorite thing on the internet is a meme where a group of dogs are sitting around a table at a meeting discussing feline health care. To be fair, it's a pretty good one.

The joke (though it really shouldn't need explaining) is that the dogs are discussing health care for cats in exactly the same way men sit around discussing health care for women.

You can see Hilary explaining why in the video below.

According to Mashable, the meme was created by Justin Shanes and the photo was originally taken by Brian Eckert.

Let us know your favorite meme in the comments below.

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