Hip-hop has never been shy about its love of sports. In the late ’80s through to the ’90s, N.W.A popularized wearing black and silver Raiders gear, while Drake is a self-professed superfan and has been seen wearing more teams’ jerseys than we can keep up with.

But how closely connected are sports and hip-hop really and which teams are repped most often by hip-hop artists? Fanatics blog post “Beyond Hoops and Hip-Hop” explores this question with some interesting findings, most of which are summarized below.

When it comes to sports jerseys in hip-hop, basketball takes the crown, with almost 50 percent of all jerseys worn in hip-hop videos from the NBA. The MLB comes in second at 30 percent, while NFL takes third at 12.7 percent. However, when all sports merch is counted, including caps and so on, MLB comes out on top with nearly 59 percent representation.

According to the findings, the Los Angeles Lakers are the most featured NBA team in hip-hop, with nearly 19 percent of all NBA jerseys worn in music videos featuring Lakers gold and purple. 50 Cent’s “In Da Club,” Kanye West’s “Through the Wire,” and Kendrick Lamar’s “King Kunta” are just a few of the music videos that feature Lakers gear.

The Chicago Bulls are a close second with 17 percent. Surprisingly, NBA team-of-the-era Golden State Warriors and the Brooklyn Nets, which went through a JAY-Z-led rebrand not too long ago, are dead last of those franchises repped, with 1.9 percent.

While jerseys are one thing, headwear is another. Here, the New York Yankees reign supreme, thanks in large part to JAY-Z, who popularized wearing the Yankee logo flat bill cap. Nearly 27 percent of MLB headwear worn in hip-hop videos features the Yankees, with more than 75 percent of all headwear in hip-hop videos coming from baseball’s major league.

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